Episode 47: Just a couple of volunteers

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David and Perry discuss a recent book and television series they have both enjoyed and then move on to talk about some of their volunteer activities outside podcasting. David interviews Alex Cabal, the Editor in Chief of Standard Ebooks.

  • Hugo Nominations deadline (05:27)
  • The Women in Black by Madeleine St. John (07:40)
  • The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) (08:12)
  • Volunteering (01:28)
  • Perry’s Work for AusLit (17:47)
  • David’s Work for Standard Ebooks (9:46)
  • Perry’s experience with Wikipedia (05:26)
  • Interview with Alex Cabal of Standard Ebooks (22:46)
    • Personal background, education (01:33)
    • What gave you the idea of starting SE? (04:06)
    • How did you choose which books to begin with? (02:42)
    • Who selects which books to work on? (02:51)
    • How did you decide on the appearance of the books? (02:35)
    • Why do you dedicate the books to the public domain? (01:59)
    • What do you see as the challenges for SE in future? (03:46)
    • Scribophile and Writerfolio (02:40)
  • Windup (01:18)

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Photo by rawpixel.com from PxHere