Episode 42: Life, the Universe, and Everything

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Note: Perry and David will be taking a Christmas break after this episode. We plan to return with the next episode on 12 January 2021.

We hope you all have a great holiday season and a MUCH better year in 2021!

In this episode Perry and David discuss the fine art of tsundoku and then fire up the Hugo Time Machine yet again to return to the year of 1965, when Fritz Leiber’s “The Wanderer” won Best Novel Hugo.

  • Tsundoku (01:42)
  • Hugo Time Machine~1965 (01:01:38)
    • The Whole Man by John Brunner (07:26)
    • Davy by Edgar Pangborn (08:47)
    • The Planet Buyer by Cordwainer Smith (11:57)
    • The Wanderer by Fritz Leiber (07:40)
    • Other possible nominees (02:52)
    • Short Fiction (00:58)
    • Little Dog Gone by Robert F. Young (05:04)
    • Always a Cop by Rick Raphael (04:59)
    • Soldier, Ask Not by Gordon R. Dickson (05:47)
    • Other possible nominees (03:54)
  • Taking a break (02:09)
  • Wind-up (01:04)

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