Episode 22: The best publishing house in Old North Australia

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In this special episode, Perry and David speak to Rob Gerrand, Bruce Gillespie and Carey Handfield, the principals of Norstrilia Press, an innovative Australian SF publisher founded in the 1970s, and which advanced the careers of Greg Egan, Gerald Murnane, Damien Broderick, George Turner and several other well-known Australian authors.

  • Norstrilia Press Interview (01:01:32)
    • How Norstrilia Press got started (03:44)
    • Coming up with the name (00:37)
    • Philip K. Dick – Electric Shepherd (02:40)
    • Stanislaw Lem article sets off controversy (00:36)
    • The Altered I (workshop book) (01:17)
    • Rob Gerrand’s involvement (04:39)
    • The View From the Edge (02:51)
    • Moon in the Ground by Keith Antill (01:37)
    • Other SF publishers in Australia (01:39)
    • Typesetting (00:50)
    • Sales and Distribution (01:25)
    • Roles of Carey, Bruce and Rob (00:55)
    • Dancing Dragons by Damien Broderick (01:09)
    • Transmutations ed. Rob Gerrand (02:16)
    • Stellar Gauge – Dreaming Dragons – Roger Zelazny poems (02:27)
    • Academic studies of SF in the U.S. (00:25)
    • Dreaming Dragons by Damien Broderick (01:04)
    • Lavington Pugh by Jay Bland (02:43)
    • Getting Reviews (01:14)
    • The Plains by Gerald Murnane (07:34)
    • Dreamworks anthology (01:09)
    • An Unusual Angle by Greg Egan (02:09)
    • In the Heart or in the Head by George Turner (05:38)
    • Landscape with Landscape by Gerald Murnane (00:43)
    • Funding problems (02:02)
    • Down Deep scandal (03:45)
    • Looking back on it (01:54)
    • The role of Hyland House (01:19)

There’s also a history of Norstrilia Press in the fanzine SF Commentary, available here on efanzines.com.

Image: the logo of Norstrilia Press against a background of stars (composite image by David Grigg)

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