The transcripts of the podcast on this website are an experiment. We’re currently debating whether we will continue to provide them or not, probably not. We’d much rather you listened to the podcast to get the full flavour of what we are all about.

The transcripts listed below are courtesy of a new automated transcription feature in Microsoft Word. It does a reasonable job of turning our speech into text, but of course there are many times it gets confused, particularly with author names and book titles, or where we are talking over each other. So the transcripts take a lot of work to edit into an acceptable form, which is why we’re not sure we’ll continue.

So be aware that the transcripts are likely to contain many errors even after some editing. They are provided purely as a courtesy to those who may not have the opportunity or ability to listen to the podcast, or as a means to quickly check on something we said (though you can also consult the indexes).

Episode 32: The Masks We Wear (20 July 2020)

Episode 33: Translations, transforms and traumas (3 August 2020)

Episode 34: Location, location, location (17 August 2020)

Episode 35: The gifted grotesqueries of Terry Gilliam (31 August 2020)

Episode 36: Marrying the genre next door (14 September 2020)

Episode 37: One Hundred Years of Cyberitude (28 September 2020)